Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sustainability at Penn State University

Penn State is truly playing a Bigger Game in Sustainability. I participated in a workshop in late August where the brought in some of their key corporate stakeholders to really do some out of the box thinking on what a top university needs to be doing to create a sustainable future... and the outcomes were really exciting. There will be a whitepaper published on this 2 day workshop very soon, and it should be posted at

This hits home in a very personal way for me, because I have a high school senior who is now choosing colleges to apply to, and career directions... What could be more inspiring than training at an institution that is truly committed to creating the sustainability leaders of the future? And even if they major in psychology, or liberal arts, they will be learning how to live more sustainably. I salute the vision that the folks at Penn State have... and hope to remain engaged as an ally to help them achieve it...